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We provide you systematic knowledge with human empathy.

Our training and consulting models are based on competency development through constructive approaches facilitated by Coaching, NLP, Systemic Constellations, Mindfulness and contributions of Neuroscience.



Coaching is a key to open new worlds of meaning, connecting with Personal Power and new possibilities, by working with body, emotion and language.



It is an approach that describes how human behavior emerges and how we program the responses to the environment. NLP resources are very powerful in the processes of personal transformation.


Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations are a methodology and approach, that allows you to look at the hidden dynamics that hold your most demanding problems in your life or in your organization.



Mindfulness is a practice to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Based on a psychological process of connecting with the present moment through breathing and relaxation



Neuroscience is a discipline that provides an understanding of the processes that are involved in emotions, sensations and behavior. This is of great help to enhance the transformation processes.

We deliver spaces of change to connect with the power to create new possibilities.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Human Connection

    The change challenges the comfort zone and opens spaces of possibilities to fill each lived experience with meaning. 
    Ontological Coaching is a key to open new worlds of meaning, connecting with Personal Power and new possibilities.

  • Healing Connection

    Please, Forgiveness and Thank you: three words that connect with the experience of healing the wounds of the soul and opening the mind to the adventure of living. 
    Expanding the conscience, connecting with what is pending and closing it, allows the human being to connect with himself and his vital system.

  • Holistic Connection

    The human being is a whole, mind, body and spirit, ready to produce extraordinary results.
    Coherence is health, incongruity is the origin of the disease.
    The keys to return balance to the whole are the creative word and the healing emotion.

  • HR Connection

    Companies are a human ecological space where people are empowered and their talent can shine. Companies are a school of leadership and cooperation. 
    However, it is only possible when the intention is clear and its aligned with the action. What companies give is what they receive.

How we do it.

We offer spaces for change to help people connect to new possibilities.

  • One-on-One Systematic Coaching

    Perfect for individuals that want a custom-tailored approach. 

  • Workshops & Seminars

    We put together online and live workshops and seminars that are topic specific and help individuals expand their transformation process.

  • Training Design & Development

    Learning process design, certification process and soft skills training.

  • Organizational Development

    Change management, leadership and team building.

Each person and group has the power to create spaces that transform their environment, their relationships with others and with themselves. 
We have the power to generate new meanings that make a big difference.

Connecting with personal power is possible only through the healing power of emotion and the creative power of the word.

We have the power to open a new path towards the evolution of consciousness.

Start living the life you want

+1 954.330.8571


+1 954.330.8571