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Personal and professional expansion

The path of personal and professional expansion usually goes through stages in which you may feel stuck or with a feeling of not being able to move forward. Maybe your ideas are clear and you are ready for new challenges, but there is something that slows you down to pass the next level. That is very human. What is inhuman is to stand still and wait for things to magically change.
You are one step away from your expansion because "the way out is in".

  • "I totally recommend your programs. If you are looking to achieve your goals, the tools that Professor Oscar will provide you will be essential. His sessions have played a very important role in my personal transformation process. Thanks to the tools he has shared, I am learning to feel safer and calmer when facing life's challenges "

    Rafael Alvarez Risquez, Director at Espacio con Valor

Psychological safety

Psychological safety is not just another trend or a mere buzzword making the rounds: it's an absolute game-changer in workplace culture. It's the bedrock upon which successful, innovative teams are built. In an environment that values and cultivates psychological safety, employees do much more than just survive or merely meet their targets. They flourish and exceed expectations.
But the benefits of psychological safety don't stop at increased productivity and innovation. When employees feel respected, valued, and safe, they're not just more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover rates - they're also more likely to advocate for the company as a great place to work, attracting top talent in the process.
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    "I had the opportunity to work with Oscar Gimenez as an organizational development consultant. I consider him to be one of the best professionals in his area. He stands out for his commitment, systemic vision (which allows him to see beyond what happens with the naked eye in work teams), and very high customer orientation. I recommend his work as a consultant, coach, and teacher"

    María Alejandra Rojas Jaeger, Senior OD Consultant

Are you ready for the challenge?80% of success depends on your mind.Learn to open your mind to new possibilities


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What you think, you become.What you feel, you attract.What you imagine, you create


A holistic approach with our 4 forces of change

We believe each person has the power to create possibilities to become the protagonist of extraordinaries achievements by connecting to their personal power, maximizing success, expanding the ability to drive change and, humanizing the increasing complexity of life.


The body is your presence in the world and the point of connection with the universe. It is a great portal where emotion and reason come together, projecting the person (your mask). Crossing this space inexorably leads to transformation.


Emotion is the force that moves changes, it is energy in action. When you move, nothing is the same. Manage emotions so that they become passion for things to happen.


The purpose in which you put in the meaning of life or the goal in which you invest your enthusiasm and persistence because you will move to the "next level" inevitably energize human behavior and becomes a powerful factor of change.



The mind is working all the time. She carries our learning and turns them into words of command to the nervous system, emotions and actions. Managing this power of change is a huge challenge ... but it is possible to do so!

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About the Coach Oscar Gimenez

Oscar is a consultant and executive coach with extensive experience in the professional service, and academic arenas. His expertise includes design, facilitation, and implementation of long-lasting change processes both at individual and organizational levels that add value to stakeholders. 
Oscar has three master degrees and over ten certifications. His approach to coaching is multicultural and multilingual (ES/IT/EN). His world view, experience, and empathy allow him to relate to everybody.

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