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Mindfulness is a practice in which Eastern (Buddhist) traditions, developments in the neurosciences, psychology and education converge.
It is much more than attention management, relaxation, or self-help tool.
It is about the development of a capacity to be in a balanced, open, and non-reactive way, activating greater possibilities of focus, emotional regulation, and communication.


The mission of the Human Connection Mindfulness Education Project is to develop Mindfulness activities and programs focused on individuals and organizations to respond to the need for emotional balance and stress reduction, personal transformation, and improvement of the work environment.


Being present is about stopping and looking: stopping for a moment the automatic pilot with we live, and paying attention to the present moment calmly and neutrally, without judgment.
● Greater emotional intelligence. ● Better relationships and communication.● Increased ability to handle anxiety and stress...
... are some of the benefits of learning to practice MIndfulness.

Mindfulness practices do not require adherence to any particular doctrine, dogma, or worldview.They are supported by the evidence arising from scientific research.

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The didactic processes used in Mindfulness-Based Programsare based on experiential, interactive, participatory educational principles,focused on students and practice.

Mindfulness Connection

An open and free space for 60 min to practice Mindfulness each week, and connecting present momentEach Friday at 12.00 M (EST)

Mindfulness Circles

Sessions of 75 minutes focused on a specific topic, in a group subscription.The Circle evokes a safe space ready to thrive in the practice of Mindfulness, conquer the present moment, and connect with other people.

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Mindfulness Masterclass

4-week cycles, online, on one specialized aspect of mindfulness practice: theoretical and practical aspects.

Mindfulness Practitioner Certification

288-hour course to obtain certification focused on working with groups and companies.

Mindfulness is an innate mental quality that all human beings possess, and developby starting a sustained path of experiential learning in contact with the present.


Myriam Tibisay Wendehake

Oscar Giménez es ante todo un hermoso ser humano, siempre dispuesto a dar de sí al prójimo. A dar afecto, compartir su experiencia profesional y ayudar a otros con sus emociones. Es inspirador. Lo conozco desde hace más de dos décadas. Con mayor cercanía en los recientes diez años, y siempre lo he visto formándose y profundizando en cada área a la que se ha dedicado. Cómo profesor universitario, como consultor, coach y ahora en Mindfulness. Pensando en cuál de sus cualidades resaltar, me quedo con “saber escuchar”. Conozco pocas personas que con tanta maestría tengan a la capacidad de escuchar a otro ser humano

Eliana Lara

Oscar is a Master Coach, I have known him for many years, we trained together as a Coach, we work together and now I am attending his Mindfulness practices. Since then he has not stopped continuing to train and from what I manage to experience in his company, he is integrating this training, achieving in addition to offering a highly professional service, he is highly empathetic, sensitive, sharp, and shows you new possibilities. His generosity is immense. That's why I recommend it with my eyes closed.

Rocío Camacho Monroy

All this time of mindfulness practice guided by Coach Oscar has been valuable and of great help in all the fields that a human being can have, physical, mental, and spiritual.We deal with many topics and internalize the practices so that it is easy for emotions to surface, and we visualize ourselves with compassion, learning to accept and let go. Their dedication and professionalism are worthy of credit.

Fanny Teresa Mantilla

I was trained in mindfulness, and I was looking for options to continue my practice; and through a friend, I started attending the sessions offered by Oscar. I consider that his accompaniment is excellent; it gives us conceptual clarity on the subject and allows us to experience the theory through meditation.

Omar Hernandez

Coach Oscar Gimenez has a spectacular style of meditation practice. He taught me to meditate from the basics, and his teachings on mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence have become life guides for me. As a result, I have recommended his classes to many people!

Constanza Franco

The Mindfulness sessions with Coach Oscar Gimenez have helped me have a deep understanding of myself, connecting with my inner being, valuing and accepting myself with respect and love. Recommending 100%.

Valentina Ghersi

About 6 months ago, I had the opportunity to participate for the first time in the weekly Mindfulness sessions guided by Coach Oscar Giménez. From that first moment, I perceived his professionalism, and his condition as an extraordinary human being.I thank God and my friend Sandra for putting Oscar in my path, who has become someone extraordinary in searching for my inner peace, my essence, and my balance.One and a thousand times, THANK YOU, OSCAR.

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