Have you ever thought about having a conversation space on interesting topics, and this for free?


What is it?

An open Program to the community In H-Connection we see a great expansion of consciousness every day. At the same time, we touch the need to open more spaces for the people who are looking for new possibilities.

How is it?

The methodology used is called colloquium and has a bilingual format (some sessions in English and others in Spanish). A specialist opens the topic to construct a nutritive conversation.

Why is it?

Emotional Ecology is an initiative to promote Human and Holistic Connection.Each of us is a microcosmos looking for the inner balance to have a better world.

"Knowledge is useless if you don't share it"

Michio Kaku

  • It is a lifelong learning event. We love to say "Emotional Ecology is an initiative to promote human connection with nature, others, and with yourself."

  • Emotional Ecology is not a class, therapy or ideology. The invitation is two (2) hours, one time a month.

  • Our rules are respect, active listening, to contribute to the conversation, take-home tips to live better.