When you change your look at your world a new way of being starts to emerge.


Learn to calm your mind and decrease the impact of negative thoughts.

I am Oscar Gimenez.Expert Coach in Human Development and Personal Effectiveness.


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Daniel Prada

Senior Front End Developer at CBS Interactive

"Oscar breathes expertise and compassion in everything that he does. For context, I had just come off a divorce and hit a 30s emotional low point in my life. My ex-wife was a psychologist, and I personally had grudgingly tried therapy a few times with minimal impact. Oscar sits me down first day, and asks me to map a constellation of my relationships... That was just the first session, which left me star-struck, and each following session he presented a continually new set of tools that pried open buried emotions that I had never truly processed or ritualized self-love/esteem... Oscar is a wonderful human being, and I'm truly grateful to be graced by his talents."

April 18, 2020


Eliana Lara Carrero

Psicologist & Ontological Coach

"Oscar is a Master Coach, I have known him for many years, we trained together as a Coach, we work together and now I am attending his Mindfulness practices. Since then he has not stopped continuing to train and from what I manage to experience in his company, he is integrating these trainings, achieving in addition to offering a highly professional service, he is highly empathetic, sensitive, sharp and shows you new possibilities. Your generosity is immense. That is why I recommend it with my eyes closed."

October 28, 2021


Constanza Franco

“In the sessions with the coach Oscar Gimenez, they have helped me to have an understanding and knowledge of myself, connecting with my inner being, valuing and accepting myself with respect and love. Recommending 100%.”

June 21, 2021