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Mindfulness at work

● Recovering calm and emotional balance is possible. Mindfulness allows you to develop the ability to move away from anguish and anxiety. ● Mindfulness is an ancient practice linked to the initial steps of meditation. It consists of increasing the connection with the present moment through an exercise of attention supervision. ● This is an innate capacity present in every human being, however, the fact of training and strengthening it has important benefits for our physical and mental health. ● Mindfulness at work has the power to substantially improve stress levels, enhance your performance, and give you a new perspective to enjoy your journey at work.Can you imagine You are at the job and feel you are in the right place, and at the right moment?

Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

A personal coach can guide you through your journey to transformation.


Transform Your Life

Challenge your limits to connect with new possibilities and transform the quality of your results.

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Conquer New Territories

Transfer methodologies and tools so that you are the protagonist of the changes in your life conquests "new territories".

Understand Your Purpose

Generate a customized learning space so you can start living with the fullness that you deserve

Empower Your Mind

It empowers you so you can manage the mind and align it with your personal purpose

You are the reason for almost everything that happens to you.


How we work together

Following are the stages of our six coaching sessions


1. The Discovery Session

During the coaching process, I will help you, through open-ended questions, to broaden your perspective and look at the emerging possibilities in your life. We will explore your current needs and isolated points in your narrative to reach the wow experience.


2. Creating Your Transformation Plan

We will visualize a plan to move towards the possibilities of an emerging future, and define the points on what to work to move forward as well as the accountability to face the challenge.


3. Changing Your Story and Deploying Experiences

Through tools and activities, I will challenge you to change the limiting beliefs, transform your gaze and impact the way you live. I will suggest activities that increase your accountability to achieve your maximum potential and reconquer the confidence to do what is necessary to achieve your goals.


4. Conquer The Now

To continue to reinforce new inspirations and behaviors, we will connect through online workshops, coaching platform, and events.

Start living the life you want