Mindfulness Practitioner & Facilitator

Facilitating Mindfulness experiences
in Groups and Companies

Why Mindfulness?

Uncertainty, anxiety, and stress are often very present in daily life. Unfortunately, many times the pressure of this environment resonates as negativity, anger, and helplessness.
In companies, this translates into decreased productivity and a lack of motivation.
There is evidence that mindfulness practice contributes to increasing confidence, the ability to flow in uncertainty, and reconnect with positive behaviors.
Mindfulness provides communities and organizations with practices with a strong human-centered accent to manage burnout, align work teams and develop self-compassionate leadership.

Mindfulness means being awake.It means knowing what you are doing.  Kabat-Zinn

Why participate?

For whom it is?

    People over 21 years of age, who are interested in starting the practice of Mindfulness.
    People or Companies interested in improving the practice of Mindfulness and disseminating it in their community or work environments.
    Coaches and therapists who seek to bring a fresh, useful, and deep approach to their activity to enrich their service.
    Human Resources professionals, Leaders, and collaborators who seek to do hard work with a more human sense
    You will find keys to:
    ● Reduce stress and anxiety.
    ● Achieve a higher level of calm and emotional stability.
    ● Develop emotional intelligence, creativity, and innovation.
    ● Manage complex or conflictive situations with less wear and tear.
    ● Develop a better quality of interpersonal relationships and the management of emotions.
    ● Increase energy and productivity level.
    You will learn to:● Generate spaces for facilitating MIndfulness experiences.
    ● Identify strategies and resources to consolidate the practice of MIndfulness.
    ● Design Mindfulness-based programs for leaders and their teams.
    ● Improve teamwork and communication among its members.

The mind is just like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.Idowu Koyeni


The program

Objective: To train people with knowledge and personal experience that sustain the ability to teach to practice Mindfulness, direct groups, lead and configure work teams with a fresh and human synergy.

    It is developed during 288 academic hours distributed in 2 levels.
    Duration 24 Weeks
    Modality: Online

Level I

Objective: To improve the personal practice of Mindfulness.

    Some people are interested in developing personal practice or are interested in going deeper.
    It takes place over 180 academic hours
    Duration 12 Weeks
    Awards a Mindfulness Practitioner certificate.

Level II

Objective: To Facilitate MIndfulness in groups, organizations, educational or therapeutic settings

    For Professionals, coaches, or therapists interested in disseminating the practice of Mindfulness in work, therapeutic or educational environments.
    It takes place over 108 academic hours
    Duration 12 Weeks
    Awards a Mindfulness Practitioner Facilitator certificate
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    Level I

    Module 1 Historical and Philosophical Foundations
    Module 2: Science of Mindfulness: Neurosciences
    Module 3 The art of practicing Mindfulness: structure and traditions. Mindfulness as meditation
    Module 4: The art of practicing Mindfulness: The psychological process. Secularization of Mindfulness
    Module 5: The art of practicing Mindfulness: keys to working with trauma and suffering
    Module 6: Mindfulness and emotional regulation
    Module 7: Mindfulness and body
    Module 8: Heartfulness: Compassion Practices
    Module 9: Applications 1: Health and wellness
    Module 10. Mindfulness and ethics
    Personal and supervised practices.
    2 Mini-Retreats

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    Level II

    Module 11: Applications 2: Mindfulness at work and in sport
    Module 12: Applications 3: Coping with Strong Emotions and Pain
    Module 13: Mindfulness Facilitation Methodology
    Module 14: Ethics in Mindfulness Practice
    Module 15: Professional Development of the Mindfulness Facilitator
    Personal and supervised practices.
    2 Mini-Retreats

Be happy at the moment, that's enough.Every moment is all we need, no more. Mother Teresa

What will you get in this certification?The Mindfulness Facilitator Practitioner:

● Cultivates the management of Stress and Anxiety, Emotional Regulation, Increased Well-being, and the improvement of Interpersonal relationships, among others.

● Facilitates group and team processes, according to the intercultural context.

● Generates spaces for Mindfulness Practice through facilitation in different settings, such as: personal development, work or education.

● Has approaches, methodologies and tools to facilitate the practice of Mindfulness with a professional quality perspective.

● Select the appropriate strategies to form and lead Mindfulness Circles and Mindfulness practice groups, both with people who are just starting out and with those who already have some experience.
● Promotes and facilitates compassionate leadership experiences, resonant teams, and generative communication.
● Designs facilitation proposals for communities, institutions, and companies.
Note that this certification does not enable to design of educational didactics and their curricula, design or direct Mindfulness retreats, supervise other Facilitators, train other Facilitators. These competencies require certification as a Mindfulness Teacher

Every morning we are born again.What we do today is what matters mostBuddha

  • Requirements

    Participate in a 3-session Webinar prior to the start of the Program30 minutes interview

  • Investment

    Full program: Level I and II: $ 3420 (USD) 10% discount for early payment Monthly payments with no interest

Starting Juanary 2022


  • $ 3420


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