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«You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.» JON KABAT-ZINN 

Mindfulness is a practice in which Eastern (Buddhist) traditions, developments in the neurosciences, psychology and education converge.
It is much more than attention management, relaxation, or self-help tool.
It is about the development of a capacity to be in a balanced, open, and non-reactive way, activating greater possibilities of focus, emotional regulation, and communication.


The mission of the Human Connection Mindfulness Education Project is to develop Mindfulness activities and programs focused on individuals and organizations to respond to the need for emotional balance and stress reduction, personal transformation, and improvement of the work environment.


Being present is about stopping and looking: stopping for a moment the automatic pilot with we live, and paying attention to the present moment calmly and neutrally, without judgment.
● Greater emotional intelligence. ● Better relationships and communication.● Increased ability to handle anxiety and stress...
... are some of the benefits of learning to practice MIndfulness.

Mindfulness practices do not require adherence to any particular doctrine, dogma, or worldview
and they are supported by the evidence arising from scientific research.

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The didactic processes used in Mindfulness-Based Programsare based on experiential, interactive, participatory educational principles,focused on students and practice.

Mindfulness Connection

An open and free space for 30 min to practice Mindfulness each week, and connecting present momentEach Monday at 12.00 M (EST)

Mindfulness Masterclass

4-week cycles, face-to-face online, on one specialized aspect of mindfulness practice: theoretical and practical aspects.

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Mindfulness Circles

Weekly sessions of 90 minutes focused on a specific topic, in a group subscription.The Circle evokes a safe space ready to thrive in the practice of Mindfulness, conquer the present moment, and connect with other people.

Mindfulness Practitioner Certification

200-hour course to obtain certification as a Mindfulness Facilitator focused on working with groups and companies.

Mindfulness is an innate mental quality that all human beings possess,and develop by starting a sustained path of experiential learning in contact with the present.

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