Stop and looking

Stop and looking

Unexpectedly at the beginning of the year, a field of uncertainty opened up that exceeded our intellectual ability to take advantage of the impermanence of change. Who else, who less, had their strategies to "surf the waves of the uncertain" that came from economics, politics, market strategies, or management. However, this year he pushed us into the experience of inhabiting the field of uncertainty. The rulers of the planet face the threat of checkmate of their health systems; they grope and justify mistakes. The ordinary humans defy the uncertainty in the most intense of solitudes.

"In my head, there is like an electrical storm of thoughts that is unstoppable." This confession of Jose translates the effect of the field of uncertainty. Jose's thoughts go through the past and jump to the future because he still doesn't know what he can do to eliminate the uncertainty. The stress level is very high. Everything has changed in his work and his family. He is re-learning to live as a couple in this intense coexistence that brought the endless quarantine and, at the same time, he is holding his children while they try to attend virtual school (when there is a connection).

To find a different way of dealing with uncertainty, it's necessary to Stop and Look. The electrical storm in the mind comes from the past that is lived from the sensation of what was lost, and the future from the image of what will be lost. They are two fantasies that only exist in José's mind.

Stop and look at what? The answer is simple: The present moment. This means opening the field of possibilities. The possible is not outside of Jose, in fact, only he has the power to expand his field of possibilities. It is necessary to connect with the present and generate a space of calm. For this, we have an automatic resource installed in our nervous system: respiration. Likewise, we have a vital and unconscious activity that becomes the opportunity to Stop and Look: breathing. When we breathe, we allow the mind to unite with the body, and we return home: the present moment.

As we stop and watch, we enter the field of possibilities by going through three moments: exploring, recognizing, and letting go. Discover the thoughts, emotions, and sensations in which we live, accept them as they are, and acknowledge that they are the product of our body and mind. By observing them as different, we can understand that we do not depend on them and let them go. The latter, letting go, becomes the door for creative and liberating action. In the end, only three things matter: How well we have lived, How well we have loved, How well we have learned to let go "(Jack Kornfield).

This exercise of making contact with the consciousness of being alive and treasuring the spark of existence has an essential impact on the body and the mind. José managed to calm the storm and opened the field of the possible in his life. He continues to "surf the waves of the uncertain," but dwelling in the field of possibilities.