Human Connection

Human Connection

If there is one thing we have had the opportunity to experience, it is that the connection makes us more human and, at the same time that the human evolves and grows through communication. Our identity is given by connection, just as it happens with trees that communicate with their roots, help each other and alert them to dangers. We already took it for granted, but the experience of being isolated or tele-working has helped to review what we assume is “normal”. 

The pandemic has pushed us into an uncomfortable, challenging, and learning area. A small step to allow the expansion of consciousness. Today a hug is worth more, visiting a friend or family member has a different flavor, taking care of yourself has to do with caring for others, embracing vulnerability has connected us with the value of life, facing fear has amplified the feeling of be responsible. The sadness or injury for those who have left makes us touch the impermanence of life. We have been pushed into a kind of expansion of consciousness. 

The practice of being present, here and now, is a skill that allows a more humane relationship with the environment and with ourselves. As we move forward in technology, it becomes more critical to open spaces for human connection. In other words: flow with the stream of life without attachment or evasion or humanize our environments to make them part of our human development system. 

The mind-present here and now indicates a special way of approaching the individual and social experience. There is a responsibility of each and the system to which we belong to advance the human connection. 

*          On the one hand, open ourselves to the curiosity and creativity that comes from lowering the tone to the judgments that we have acquired in our learning.

*         On the other, promote awake, agile and curious systems or organizations to boost their human resources to the next level. Incidentally, a friend, speaking of his organization, told me that he would like to change the expression "human resources" in human resources. So far the sunami of the pandemic has brought us: it is time to rescue the human connection.

This is the time to drop what can keep us in the maze of disconnection and provide spaces for capitalize on what you have learned. This could be described like this:

*          Create spaces to make everyday life more human. 

*          Explore what triggers in my ability to enjoy the present moment. 

*          Relearn what compassion is and be encouraged to "play the noun" compassion. 

*          Exercising the "I see you" as proof of your own existence and the possibility of listening to other "worlds". 

*          Recognize that heavy emotions are a prison of your own accord. 

*          Build the future with the intention of walking the present. 

*          Abandon the oppressive force to connect with being and creating power. 

*          Accept loss, farewell and pain unconditionally as part of the adventure of living. 

*          Open yourself to the possible and the possibilities. All this - and some other things - is "expansion of consciousness".